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What is your theme for 2023?

I hope you had a beautiful holiday as well as that sweet time between Christmas and New Years where it feels as though time is moving slower.

On the winter solstice, my family has a sweet tradition where we write down habits/feelings/urges we want to leave behind in the year ending, which we then release by tossing it into the fireplace. We also write on a separate paper what we would like to focus or improve upon in the coming year and hang it on our fridge.

This year, instead of my usual “I will exercise for at least 45 minutes 3x/week,” or “I will meditate everyday,” which I will inevitably give up on, I got the idea to set a theme that represents my intentions for the year. I can then make that theme a priority. I’m hoping this will leave space for more fluidity and allow me to to be more gentle with myself if I find myself “failing.” The dedication to my intention can wax and wane depending on life circumstances.

Here are some examples of themes I’m hoping to prioritize this year.

  • Movement. Whether this is a walk with my dogs through the neighborhood, a few rock climbing problems with my son, or jumping on my rebounder for 20 minutes. I’m choosing to prioritize movement this year. There will be times that I am getting a “true” exercise routine done (weightlifting, running, full length yoga session) but I know that I won’t always and that’s okay. I will reap the benefits of the frequent and brief movement sessions that I prioritize during my day.

  • Connection. My son just turned 13 years old. All his life he has wanted to spend time with me. I always felt that no matter how much attention and time I gave him, he wanted more. I remember feeling very tired and just wanting time to myself. I always felt there was more time. Now it’s a much different story, I wish he would spend more time with me. I know this is a typical experience for most parents, but I am truly surprised on how hard I am taking his steps into adolescence. This year, I’m prioritizing spending time with my little guy. I will treasure his interests and find ways to get involved in them. I will make it a theme to join him in his Minecraft game, plan boba tea outings, and dance obnoxiously to his drum beats.

  • Gratitude. My husband deemed me a complainer. I wasn’t too keen on that title when I received it about 5 years ago but I know he is right. I find myself quite irritated by normal human occurrences. I will be grateful in 2023. I plan to catch myself feeling entitled or irritated and I will think or write down how grateful I am for this beautiful life, my dream job, wonderful patients, sweet family, and having the two cutest pups.

  • Here’s a few other ideas of themes you could incorporate into your 2023 if you so wish: Creativity, Bravery, Rest, Minimalism, Community, Mental Health, Stillness, Healing, Comfort, Boundaries, Action, Unlearning, Strength, Wellness

Whether or not you decide on goals, intentions, resolutions this year, I do believe there is value in comparing how you 1) typically spend your time and 2) what you value or treasure in your life. Finding ways to merge these two will allow for more abundance, fullness, and sweetness.


🌿Pelvic Health Tip

Since it’s the first new moon of 2023, I would like to share a restorative breath practice for the pelvic floor. Business and stress heightens our nervous systems which very often lead to over-tensioned and taxed pelvic floors. I encourage you to try this when you have a quiet moment to yourself. You’ll just need a comfy spot on the floor and a cushion or thick pillow.

  • Lie on your back and place the cushion under your pelvis, keeping your knees bent, letting them fall into each other. Let yourself sink down into the ground and cushion.

  • Start with a body scan, bringing attention to the top of your head, jaw, and neck, releasing any tension. Then move your awareness down the body, allowing your trunk and limbs to be fully relaxed.

  • Next, bring your awareness to the low belly, the perineum, inner thighs and invite softness. Inhale and allow your belly to gently expand outward, let out your exhale and notice your belly sink back in.

  • Stay in this position for a few minutes, breathing softly into your belly. After, your pelvic floor should be more relaxed. A relaxed pelvic floor is resilient and ready for more demanding tasks and exercises.

I wish you all the happiest New Year.


Dr. Amy

Sacred Roots Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy 7013 4th St. NW Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM, 87107
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