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Dry Needling in Albuquerque

Dry needling is an incredibly effective treatment to release tight and stubborn muscles, adhered scar tissue, nerve problems, as well as retrain hypersensitive tissues.  

Our clients here at Sacred Roots love dry needling and often report significant improvements in their symptoms

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Dry needling is a treatment often carried out by an experienced physical or occupational therapist. It is used for various conditions including scar tissue adhesions, muscle spasm and tightness, and nerve entrapment conditions. During this procedure, a sterile, very thin, solid filament needle is inserted into the tissue that is associated with your symptoms. There is no medication on or in the needles, that's why it's called "dry needling." 


It is often quick, and a small part of your overall session, depending on the focus of your treatment. After one treatment, our patients often notice an improvement in pain and mobility. We recommend additional visits as well as specific strengthening exercises to make sure the dysfunction doesn't return.

If you have questions, please reach out. We will be happy to hear from you.


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