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More About Sacred Roots
Pelvic Health

We believe in a whole body approach while also incorporating the mind and spirit to truly provide optimal wellness.

Sacred Roots patients benefit from a wide range of treatments and modalities including myofascial techniques, cupping, and dry needling as well as neural and visceral manipulation to reduce restrictions and tension in the body. A mobility and strengthening program will be incorporated to allow for full body expression and provide lasting relief.

A body that works well for you is connected to a present mind and peaceful spirit. That is why we supplement with yoga and mindfulness to optimize your treatments. Nutrition and daily habits are also important aspects that we can address.

Our bodies have a natural state of “knowing” that they want to return to. When pain or dysfunction is present, sometimes the body needs some help to return to that state. We are specialists in assisting you along your healing journey.

Get in touch to find out more and to book your first appointment.

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